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Unlimited flight training including: Solo and tandem Flights, kiting, preflight briefings, reserve parachute clinics, gear selection, classroom study, simulator exercises, a paragliding manual, testing and more. Usually students are flying confidently in 5-7 days. There are no set dates for this program, we rotate thru these sessions after checking the weather and doing what is appropriate for the conditions. You can join us for any and all of these sessions as many times as you want. Contact us for details on how to join our next classes, Call 612-280-9850 or email Looking forward to flying with you.

10-Day Paragliding Lesson Plan

Day 1: Introduction and Gear Familiarization

  • Location: Soccer Field

  • Activities:

    • Welcome and Safety Briefing: Introduction to the course, safety protocols, and expectations.

    • Gear Introduction: Overview of paragliding gear including harness, wing, reserve parachute, helmet, and radio.

    • Hands-On Gear Handling: Practice inflating and deflating the wing, checking and donning harness, understanding lines and risers.

    • Basic Ground Handling: Initial kiting exercises to understand wing control.

Day 2: Advanced Ground Handling

  • Location: Soccer Field

  • Activities:

    • Review of Day 1: Quick recap of gear and basic ground handling.

    • Ground Handling Practice: Advanced kiting techniques, controlling the wing in different wind conditions.

    • Mock Launches: Simulated launch practice focusing on proper stance, throttle control, and balance.

Day 3: Training Hill Introduction

  • Location: Training Hill

  • Activities:

    • Site Briefing: Introduction to the training hill, wind and weather conditions, and safety considerations.

    • Ground Handling on Incline: Practice kiting and wing control on a slope.

    • Short Flights: First short flights from a low elevation, focusing on launch and landing techniques.

    • Debriefing: Review of flights, identification of areas for improvement.

Day 4: Training Hill Practice

  • Location: Training Hill

  • Activities:

    • Review of Previous Day: Discuss experiences and lessons learned.

    • Extended Hill Flights: Increased elevation and longer flight durations.

    • Mid-Air Control: Focus on weight shift, brake control, and maintaining a flight path.

    • Landing Techniques: Refining landing approaches and flare timing.

Day 5: Tandem Flights

  • Location: Suitable Paragliding Site

  • Activities:

    • Tandem Flight Briefing: Introduction to tandem flying, roles of pilot and passenger, safety measures.

    • Tandem Flight Experience: 2-3 tandem flights with an experienced instructor, focusing on in-flight control, navigation, and observation.

    • Debrief and Q&A: Discuss flight experiences, ask questions, and receive feedback.

Day 6: Weather Class

  • Location: Classroom

  • Activities:

    • Weather Fundamentals: Introduction to meteorology, understanding wind patterns, thermals, and micro-meteorology.

    • Weather Tools: Use of weather forecasts, apps, and instruments for flight planning.

    • Case Studies: Analysis of weather scenarios and their impact on paragliding.

    • Practical Session: Interpreting current weather data and planning a theoretical flight.

Day 7: Simulator Day

  • Location: Simulator Facility

  • Activities:

    • Simulator Introduction: Explanation of the simulator's functions and capabilities.

    • Basic Maneuvers: Practice launching, flying, and landing in the simulator.

    • Emergency Scenarios: Simulated emergency situations like wing collapses, line tangles, and turbulent conditions.

    • Flight Review: Analyze simulated flights and discuss improvements.

Day 8: Continued Tandem Flights

  • Location: Suitable Paragliding Site

  • Activities:

    • Pre-Flight Briefing: Review of previous tandem flight experiences, goals for the day.

    • Tandem Flights: 3-4 more tandem flights focusing on advanced maneuvers and in-flight decision-making.

    • Solo Practice (If Ready): For students who demonstrate readiness, short solo flights under instructor supervision.

    • Post-Flight Analysis: Review of tandem and solo flights, feedback from the instructor.

Day 9: Reserve Deployment Clinic

  • Location: Suitable Training Facility

  • Activities:

    • Reserve Deployment Theory: Importance of the reserve parachute, types, and deployment techniques.

    • Hands-On Practice: Practice deploying a reserve parachute in a controlled environment.

    • Simulated Deployment: Use of a simulator or static practice rigs to simulate real-life scenarios.

    • Gear Inspection: Checking and repacking the reserve parachute.

Day 10: Testing and Certification

  • Location: Suitable Paragliding Site

  • Activities:

    • Written Test: Assess knowledge on weather, gear, safety protocols, and flight principles.

    • Practical Test: Demonstrate ground handling, launch, flight control, emergency maneuvers, and landing.

    • Final Solo Flights: Solo flights to showcase overall proficiency and confidence.

    • Debrief and Certification: Review test results, discuss next steps, and provide certification (if earned).

Additional Recommendations:

  • Continuous Practice: Encourage regular ground handling practice and flights.

  • Join a Club: Recommend joining a local paragliding club for ongoing support and community.

  • Advanced Courses: Suggest advanced training for those interested in cross-country flying or acrobatics.

This lesson plan ensures a comprehensive introduction to paragliding, covering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, progressing from basic ground handling to solo flights and emergency preparedness.

Why Choose SkyBrothers Paragliding for Lessons:

With over 25 years of experience teaching and flying tandems since 1996, we've mastered a diverse range of skills, from guiding beginners to towing Red Bull athletes and orchestrating thrilling tandem flights. Our adeptness and commitment to adventurous safety have garnered recognition both locally and nationally, with features in prominent magazines and television programs. Renowned for our exceptional quality, our instructors and program are consistently praised by satisfied clients. Situated in Minnesota, our training site provides unmatched consistency, facilitating rapid advancement in your paragliding endeavors.


Where & When Do Lessons Take Place?

Our lessons take place at a local training hill in Minnesota, conveniently situated just 15 minutes from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. Whether you're aiming to earn your P2 Pilot rating or seeking to enhance your skills, Minnesota offers the ideal setting. Lessons are available year-round, with optimal weather conditions typically occurring in mid-summer and mid-winter. You can kickstart your paragliding journey any day that suits you. While many of our students reside within an hour's drive of Minneapolis, we also welcome learners from Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas. For those traveling from afar, we often organize three or four-day visits initially, allowing ample time to absorb lessons before returning home to further hone their newfound abilities. Subsequent lessons can then be arranged at your convenience.


What to Expect During Paragliding Lessons:

At SkyBrothers Paragliding, we prioritize personalized instruction tailored to suit each student's individual pace. Whether you're advancing rapidly or prefer a more gradual approach, we understand the importance of enjoying the learning journey for sustained progress. Our students consistently surpass the minimum requirements outlined by the USHPA for obtaining a P2 rating, all while thoroughly enjoying themselves. Upon completion of our courses, graduates emerge with skills and experience that far exceed the norm. Read on to discover more about our comprehensive paragliding programs.


Embark on a journey of unparalleled excellence with our Deluxe P2 Pilot Certification Package priced at $2,600.

This comprehensive course offers you unlimited access to our training facilities, allowing you to revisit our Minnesota training hill or any other designated location for ongoing instruction, all without incurring additional instruction fees. Whether you choose to return months or even years later, our commitment remains steadfast in supporting your progression to advanced pilot status at no extra cost. All we ask is your unwavering dedication to honing your skills.

Upon completion of this comprehensive program, graduates emerge with exceptional proficiency, extensive experience, and their very own complete equipment set. Prepare for an immersive learning experience that encompasses a series of tandem flights, mentally and physically stimulating lessons, mid-day ground school sessions, and evening training sessions that extend until sunset. Additionally, you'll benefit from reserve deployment clinics, simulator experience, classroom sessions, a comprehensive manual, and proficiency testing to ensure well rounded skill development.

Secure your spot today with a 50% deposit in advance. By the fifth day or twentieth flight, students typically reach a level of proficiency where they're prepared to invest in their own gear. Rest assured, our expert guidance will assist you in selecting the most suitable equipment tailored to your individual needs. Experience the pinnacle of paragliding education with our Deluxe P2 Pilot Certification Package.


Experience paragliding with our Introductory Lesson priced at $250. Curious about taking flight? This lesson offers you a taste of paragliding. Should you decide to pursue further training with our Deluxe P2 course, the $250 will be applied to your full lesson package.

For additional information about our paragliding lessons, reach out to us at or call 612-280-9850 to talk about our program




Our training program costs $2,500 and includes lifetime access to training sessions. You can return anytime to refine your skills or pursue additional ratings. If you need to refresh your training after a break, we're here to help you get current.

  • Used Motors: Start at around $4,500

  • New Motors: Range from $6,000 to $10,000

  • Used Gliders: Start at $2,500

  • New Gliders: Start at $3,500

  • Reserve Parachutes: Start at $600 -$800


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