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10 days of flight training including: Flights, briefings, clinics, tandem flights, gear selection, theory, paragliding manual, testing and more. contact us for details on how to join our next classes. Looking forward to flying with you. Cost $2500

Following the USHGA curriculum, our 10 day course follows the protocols of a proven system, ensuring your safety and learning style is met, all the whilst having a fun time learning with your instructor and class peers. Combine this with our Minnesota locations and melow summer weather, we believe this is the best place to learn how to paraglideThe first 3 days of the beginner course are spent learning the theory and skills for the P1 certification starts off in the classroom, covering all the basics of the gear and theory that you will later use in the training field. Following the first important theory lessons, we move outside to our kiting area, a large open space great for students to practice ground handling for the first few days.


Once you've mastered the basics of kiting you're ready for your first flight from the beginner training hill. Here, the gentle breeze is perfect for beginners and the large fields below leave ample room for easy landing. From day 4 the remaining days are for learning and practicing for the P2 practical skills and studying for the theory exam. The final part of the course is spent flying in near Glenco above the fields and lakes. This thermal-dynamic site is where you can practice 360 turns and thermaling to learn the true essence of free flight and the beginnings of cross country.

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