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What should I wear?


Come in comfortable clothing, but anything is generally fine. Eyewear is a MUST, we have extra glasses if you forget or do not have them. Bring athletic footwear like sneakers or hiking boots. We recommend jeans & It’s a good idea to bring a light jacket. It can be sunny and warm, but a little cooler at altitude. If you’re unsure, check the weather forecast, or simply call us at 612-280-9850.


How long is the flight?


Generally, tandem flights for both paragliding are 20-25 minutes long. Because the weather is the biggest single factor in our ability to fly, sometimes flights may be cut short if there is a shift in wind direction or wind speed. Keeping pilot and passenger safe and the flight a wonderful experience, is our primary concern.The instructors have a very good understanding of the weather, so they will tell you if they don’t think the conditions are conducive for a safe flight. The entire staff does there best to provide you the most pleasurable experience in the air and otherwise. But remember, we can’t control the weather and sometimes the weather just changes.



When is the best time for a flight?


Generally, any time between 4PM - 8PM has the best winds for flying for your first time, particularly in summer. However, in the Spring and Summer, it’s typically flyable all day from 11 AM to 9 PM. BEWARE- any flights between 11AM - 3PM can be extremely turbulent & can cause nausea. We HIGHLY recommend flying between the hours of 4PM and sunset for smooth winds on your first flight.We recommend that you simply call us a few days ahead of when you are planning to come in and ask if it’s flyable. We can’t predict the weather 100%, but we can tell you if we’re flying that day!Additionally, if you’d like to help yourself, you can check the weather forecast. We do not fly if wind speed is above 10 mph.


Where do we meet?


Call a few days before your scheduled tandem flight and we will see which way the winds are blowing, That will dictate which location we are able to fly from. Most of our flying occurs near Glenco, MN, about an hour from Minneapolis.

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