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Welcome to SkyBrothers Paragliding! Minnesota's premier tandem paragliding & flight school. Please join us on a tandem flight where you will be able to fly together with an experienced pilot up to 2,500 feet where we release from the truck and fly free, our expert pilot will then safely navigate you back to the launch spot where we slide in on our harnesses. Our pilot can accommodate one passenger at a time to safely fly them for approximately 25 minutes of flight time. The passenger is only required to aid in the launch by running in unison with the pilot for usually less than 5 steps. When booking for a couple or group please book sequential time slots right next to each other & we will fly each participant one at a time right after one another. No experience necessary. Ages 3 and up. Our gear allows us to fly passengers up to 275 pounds.Most of our flying happens near Winstead, MN about 45 min west of Minneapolis.

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