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Powerfly Carabiner

Powerfly Carabiner

The AustriAlpin Powerfly carabiner is approved by the DHV (German Paragliding and Hang Gliding Association) to be used with mono and tandem paragliders. Rated to 26 kN each. They are sold as a pair.

The Powerfly carabiner needs to be changed after 1,500 hours in flight. (500 hours for Parafly aluminium carabiners)

The carabiner must not be used and must be replaced if:
– the gate will not close or secure itself on its own
– there is evidence of damage (cracks, distortion etc) which indicates potential failures
– the carabiner has been overheated or overloaded
– the total flight time of 1,500 hours has been exceeded

Made in Austria 

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